Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Foodie Post: Burp!

Of all the fast-food chickens out there, my 2 ultimate faves are KFC and Max's fried chicken..So when mi amiga Rhea told me that there's an eat-all-u-can at Max's for only Php 199, I immediately agreed to go. Pretty Doris also tagged along even though 'diet' is her middle name right now. So sickening to think cuz she's so sexy already, ( guessin' she wants to be anorexic-looking)...:))

 OOOoolala! should remove chicken skin... but can't.. weeeeeeeeh

 I consumed three 1/4 chix

 napipilitan lng yta... :))
Doris had 2 and a half 1/4 chix

Rhea ate three 1/4 chix also..

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